Goff 36 PTB (Power Table Blast) Rebuild

This is another Goff 36 Power Table Blast that Plan B rebuilt for a customer out of Clifton, New Jersey. As we typically do, we took this machine in and went through it from top to bottom. Allen, and the rest of the shop hands, replaced any worn areas with original or stronger steel, replaced any needed bearings/drives/motors/seals, and repainted the machine in it’s original Goff green. We usually try to tape off any original labels or markings, so the machine retains some of it’s original appearance, and since the control panel was in great shape, we just went through it and cleaned it up as necessary. This machine has the original Goff style 9/10 blast wheel assembly, that oscillates on the back right corner of the machine. It also has the standard, 6 cartridge, reverse pulse dust collector, that was part of the original machine package. Plan B is currently rebuilding another one of these machines for a customer in Illinois, and we’re looking to bring another one of these machines in from one of our customers in Texas. Call Plan B for all of your used, new, or custom abrasive blast needs.

Goff 60” Table Blast Rebuild

A local customer decided it was time for a rebuild on their Goff 60” Table Blast Unit, so they chose Plan B to do the rebuild and convert the dust collector into a portable vac unit. We stripped the machine down as far as we needed to, to make any needed repairs and bring the machine up to like new operating condition. We also converted the electrical panel from 230 volt 3 phase, to 460 volt 3 phase, since the customer was moving the machine to a new facility that had 460 volt power. Plan B also added a roof “notch” so the customer could load the machine easier with an overhead crane, and modified the door to fit the new roof notch. The customer decided to use a larger, central dust collector for this machine and several others. The customer previously bought a larger, refurbished Donaldson Torit collector from us, and will be using it for this machine and a couple air blast cabinets. We took the Goff dust collector off the back of the 60” table blast, built a custom frame for it, added wheels, added a control panel, and made a portable vac system that the customer can use to clean up his shop. This was another example of Plan B’s ability to create a solution for a customer, using his existing Goff shot blast equipment.

Wheelabrator 72 Swing Table Rebuild by Plan B

Plan B was able to find an older Wheelabrator 72 Swing Table, that a local customer was looking for, to add to their existing shot blast equipment. The customer already had a machine like this, and wanted something as close to theirs as possible. We brought the machine in house and refurbished it from top to bottom. We updated the blast wheel assembly to a modern, direct drive, Goff style blast wheel assembly, repairs were made to any worn areas of the machine body, new wear liners were installed in all the high wear areas, we added safety rails to the top of the machine, repainted the unit, and updated the electrics. These rebuilds can take 2-3 months, or longer, but the end result is a very nice machine that should hold up for many years, and be something the customer can be proud of.

Goff Skew Roll SR2-15 Customized

Plan B recently rebuilt a Goff Skew Roll machine. This machine had been previously converted into a two wheel machine by another local company. The owners were not happy with the original work, so Plan B took this machine in on trade, for a different Goff skew roll machine that we rebuilt for the customer. We made a few modifications to this unit, added new electrical controls, added a touchscreen, cleaned the unit up like new, and sold the machine to a subsidiary company in Canada. We stayed with the original Goff style blast wheels, fixed some of the modifications, and added our own programming and electrical controls, for a much easier user interface. Plan B has been retrofitting machines with PLC’s and touchscreens for many years now, and most of our rebuilt abrasive blast equipment, and new shot blast machines come standard with these upgrades. We find it’s easier to incorporate safeties, various timer functions, and many user friendly features, by utilizing the latest technology.

Refurbishing a Goff 36PTB (Power Table Blast)

Plan B refurbished this nice, little, Goff 36PTB. The Goff 36PTB is a 36” diameter table blast unit that has the Goff 9/10 blast wheel mounted on an oscillating mount. As the turntable is turning, the blast wheel will sweep from left to right and then back, blasting across the parts on the table, and hitting the parts from many different angles. These units also have a dust collector mounted to the right side, making this a compact, and easy to move machine. New units like this run around $35,000 and up, but we sell refurbished, warrantied units like this one, for around $25,000. We’ve rebuilt several, but they don’t tend to last long, as they are fairly popular little units.

Refurbishing a Goff 2460 Spinner Hanger

Plan B refurbished a Goff 2460 Standard Duty Spinner Hanger for a local heat treat facility. This unit was torn down to the frame, and rebuilt from the frame up. We added our own, unique electrical control panel to this unit, to modernize it’s operation and versatility. We utilize a combination of high-tech features like a touch screen, PLC, and variable frequency drive, with more traditional push buttons, to create a user friendly machine for the end user. Let Plan B rebuild, update, or customize your shot blast equipment, to improve the safety, function, and life of your existing abrasive blast equipment. We can work on Wheelabrator, Pangborn, Goff, or even Coyote machines, as well as most other makes of shot blast equipment.

Wheelabrator WMT 84 Custom Rebuild

Plan B rebuilt this Wheelabrator 84” table blast machine for a local customer. Anyone familiar with these machines can probably pick out some of the things we added, but I’ll point them out for those unfamiliar with this style of Wheelabrator shot blast machine. The bucket elevator section had a lot of damage that had to be repaired, and we added a couple modern, air-operated abrasive valves for the blast wheels. The original machines just had slide gates that you had to manually open and shut to control the shot flow. As an extra safety, we added an air-operated door pin system, to help keep the door closed securely, even in the event of a power failure. We relined the main cabinet blast area with a combination of white iron cast liners and AR rubber wall liners. We typically replace and add extra liners and reinforcement to better protect the main abrasive blast areas. There were two variable frequency drives added for the two blast wheels, and there was a brand new, touchscreen and PLC controlled, electrical panel added to this machine. Plan B routinely takes older, worse-for-wear machines, and turns them into very functional, updated, and modern shot blast machines. We can rebuild them to a more “original” condition, or customize them to fit your specific application.

New Machine: Dura-Blast Multi-Rebar Pass Through Blaster 2/4

This is a new machine for Plan B, the Dura-Blast Multi-Rebar Pass Through Blaster 2/4. Our machine was custom designed and built to help get people into the rebar coating business with a minimal investment, while still providing a high speed, versatile cleaning machine. We use Goff style blast wheel assemblies, and the machine was made to ship with either one or two blast wheels. The machine can be built to ship with just one blast wheel, to keep the cost down, but that machine can be upgraded at a later time to a two-wheel machine. The one-wheel machine will run two bars at one time, while the two-wheel machine can run four bars simultaneously. We built this machine to run a range of bar sizes, from number 3 up to number 10 bar. On the smaller bar, we can achieve line speeds between 40’-50’ per minute. The Dura-Blast line of equipment is designed to last, and hold up under the harshest conditions. The cabinet is built from high quality abrasive resistant steel, and then lined with high chrome, white iron liners. We are partnered with a coating company that can provide the entire line needed for bar coating, or you can purchase our machine and dust collector for an existing line. The machine is easy to install, as it does not require a pit, and is a relatively short machine.

Custom Clemco BNP 65 Pressure Blast Cabinet for blasting long cylindrical profiles

Modified Clemco BNP 65 Pressure Cabinet -7

Another quality, custom project from Plan B Services & Solutions. Plan B was tasked with coming up for a solution for air blasting, long cylindrical shaped pieces, through a pressure blast hand cabinet. The existing machine was worn out and wasn’t easy to operate because it had to be elevated to accommodate a small pressure pot under the blast cabinet. The customer uses a large steel grit, so the cabinet slope had to be fairly steep, and a pneumatic air reclaim is not typically powerful enough to reclaim larger steel grit or shot. Our solution was to incorporate a mechanical auger and bucket elevator system, with a new Clemco BNP 65 Pressure Cabinet, without the 900 CFM Cyclone Reclaimer. We ordered the cabinet with the Clemco rubber curtain liner package, a 500 pound capacity 20” diameter turntable, and a storage hopper that sits on top of the pressure pot and collects the air-washed steel grit from the bucket elevator. We paired the unit with a used, refurbished Clemco RPC-2, reverse pulse, two cartridge dust collector. Our Plan B bucket elevator is built with a standard 4” take-off for the air-wash that cleans the abrasive, and a 4” take-off for pulling dust out of the cabinet, auger trough, and elevator shaft. We also added two custom fabricated vestibule doors, with replaceable curtains, so the customer can pass their longer items through the cabinet, while the iris seals and curtains help keep the steel grit from bouncing out of the blast cabinet. This design eliminates the need for a platform that the operator has to step up on, reducing the chances of an accidental fall, and ensures that the customer can run a variety of larger, heavier medias through this cabinet, without any reclaim issues. The customer also has the flexibility of running standard sized items that will fit in the cabinet and can be rotated on the turntable, or utilizing the custom door openings for their long cylindrical parts.

Clemco Gun Housing

Clemco Gun Housing

There are several different brands of gun housings, gun bodies, autoguns, etc. We recently converted an older Viking or LS Industries wheel blast machine into a custom air blast cabinet. During this conversion process, we were struggling to get the customer’s item clean enough, using a generic gun housing that we started with. We decided to give the Clemco gun housing a try, to see for ourselves if there was any noticeable difference in performance. Running the Clemco gun housing, head to head against the generic Goff style gun housing, we saw a 27% increase in available suction. In a suction blast situation, more suction means more abrasive being fed to the blast nozzle in the gun housing, with the same amount of air being consumed in the same amount of time. In our experience, the Clemco gun housing maximized the cleaning efficiency of our custom project, providing better cleaning, reduced cycle times, and lower overall costs for our customer.