Goff 60” Table Blast Rebuild

A local customer decided it was time for a rebuild on their Goff 60” Table Blast Unit, so they chose Plan B to do the rebuild and convert the dust collector into a portable vac unit. We stripped the machine down as far as we needed to, to make any needed repairs and bring the machine up to like new operating condition. We also converted the electrical panel from 230 volt 3 phase, to 460 volt 3 phase, since the customer was moving the machine to a new facility that had 460 volt power. Plan B also added a roof “notch” so the customer could load the machine easier with an overhead crane, and modified the door to fit the new roof notch. The customer decided to use a larger, central dust collector for this machine and several others. The customer previously bought a larger, refurbished Donaldson Torit collector from us, and will be using it for this machine and a couple air blast cabinets. We took the Goff dust collector off the back of the 60” table blast, built a custom frame for it, added wheels, added a control panel, and made a portable vac system that the customer can use to clean up his shop. This was another example of Plan B’s ability to create a solution for a customer, using his existing Goff shot blast equipment.