Goff Skew Roll SR2-15 Customized

Plan B recently rebuilt a Goff Skew Roll machine. This machine had been previously converted into a two wheel machine by another local company. The owners were not happy with the original work, so Plan B took this machine in on trade, for a different Goff skew roll machine that we rebuilt for the customer. We made a few modifications to this unit, added new electrical controls, added a touchscreen, cleaned the unit up like new, and sold the machine to a subsidiary company in Canada. We stayed with the original Goff style blast wheels, fixed some of the modifications, and added our own programming and electrical controls, for a much easier user interface. Plan B has been retrofitting machines with PLC’s and touchscreens for many years now, and most of our rebuilt abrasive blast equipment, and new shot blast machines come standard with these upgrades. We find it’s easier to incorporate safeties, various timer functions, and many user friendly features, by utilizing the latest technology.