Air Quality Control

Poor air quality can violate OSHA regulations and be harmful to your employees. In some cases dust or particulate can be highly flammable, explosive, or pose other hazards.

Almost every company that does some type of abrasive blasting needs to use a dust collection system to ensure the safety of their workers and to keep their shop clean. In addition to dust, other particulates like mist or oils can be controlled through the right duct work and collection system. Plan B specializes in creating, evaluating, improving, and fixing dust collection and air quality control systems. You can even send us a sample of the dust from your current operations, and we can have it tested to determine the level of explosivity or flammability. The costs for this testing will vary depending on whether or not the sample comes back as explosive, and requires additional testing to determine current values.


Dust Collector Maintenance and Repair

Plan B offers a variety of services for dust collectors of all makes and models. Plan B will replace your filters, troubleshoot electrical or mechanical, and fine-tune your collector for optimum performance. More…

Farr Dust Collectors

Dust Collector Sales

Plan B sells new dust collectors from a select group of OEM’s. We also sell used collectors as is, or refurbish them at our site or yours.

Nordfab Ductwork

Duct Work

Properly designed and installed duct work is key to an efficient dust collection system. We sell all shapes and sizes of duct work and provide consulting services for design and installation. More…

Downdraft Table

Downdraft Tables

Downdraft tables and downdraft booths collect dust right from the work station so it never enters the air of the facility. We offer sales and service for downdraft tables. More…


Dust Control Booths

When your jobs are too large for a table, our booths are just what you are looking for. More…