Goff 36 PTB (Power Table Blast) Rebuild

This is another Goff 36 Power Table Blast that Plan B rebuilt for a customer out of Clifton, New Jersey. As we typically do, we took this machine in and went through it from top to bottom. Allen, and the rest of the shop hands, replaced any worn areas with original or stronger steel, replaced any needed bearings/drives/motors/seals, and repainted the machine in it’s original Goff green. We usually try to tape off any original labels or markings, so the machine retains some of it’s original appearance, and since the control panel was in great shape, we just went through it and cleaned it up as necessary. This machine has the original Goff style 9/10 blast wheel assembly, that oscillates on the back right corner of the machine. It also has the standard, 6 cartridge, reverse pulse dust collector, that was part of the original machine package. Plan B is currently rebuilding another one of these machines for a customer in Illinois, and we’re looking to bring another one of these machines in from one of our customers in Texas. Call Plan B for all of your used, new, or custom abrasive blast needs.