New Machine: Dura-Blast Multi-Rebar Pass Through Blaster 2/4

This is a new machine for Plan B, the Dura-Blast Multi-Rebar Pass Through Blaster 2/4. Our machine was custom designed and built to help get people into the rebar coating business with a minimal investment, while still providing a high speed, versatile cleaning machine. We use Goff style blast wheel assemblies, and the machine was made to ship with either one or two blast wheels. The machine can be built to ship with just one blast wheel, to keep the cost down, but that machine can be upgraded at a later time to a two-wheel machine. The one-wheel machine will run two bars at one time, while the two-wheel machine can run four bars simultaneously. We built this machine to run a range of bar sizes, from number 3 up to number 10 bar. On the smaller bar, we can achieve line speeds between 40’-50’ per minute. The Dura-Blast line of equipment is designed to last, and hold up under the harshest conditions. The cabinet is built from high quality abrasive resistant steel, and then lined with high chrome, white iron liners. We are partnered with a coating company that can provide the entire line needed for bar coating, or you can purchase our machine and dust collector for an existing line. The machine is easy to install, as it does not require a pit, and is a relatively short machine.

Custom Clemco BNP 65 Pressure Blast Cabinet for blasting long cylindrical profiles

Modified Clemco BNP 65 Pressure Cabinet -7

Another quality, custom project from Plan B Services & Solutions. Plan B was tasked with coming up for a solution for air blasting, long cylindrical shaped pieces, through a pressure blast hand cabinet. The existing machine was worn out and wasn’t easy to operate because it had to be elevated to accommodate a small pressure pot under the blast cabinet. The customer uses a large steel grit, so the cabinet slope had to be fairly steep, and a pneumatic air reclaim is not typically powerful enough to reclaim larger steel grit or shot. Our solution was to incorporate a mechanical auger and bucket elevator system, with a new Clemco BNP 65 Pressure Cabinet, without the 900 CFM Cyclone Reclaimer. We ordered the cabinet with the Clemco rubber curtain liner package, a 500 pound capacity 20” diameter turntable, and a storage hopper that sits on top of the pressure pot and collects the air-washed steel grit from the bucket elevator. We paired the unit with a used, refurbished Clemco RPC-2, reverse pulse, two cartridge dust collector. Our Plan B bucket elevator is built with a standard 4” take-off for the air-wash that cleans the abrasive, and a 4” take-off for pulling dust out of the cabinet, auger trough, and elevator shaft. We also added two custom fabricated vestibule doors, with replaceable curtains, so the customer can pass their longer items through the cabinet, while the iris seals and curtains help keep the steel grit from bouncing out of the blast cabinet. This design eliminates the need for a platform that the operator has to step up on, reducing the chances of an accidental fall, and ensures that the customer can run a variety of larger, heavier medias through this cabinet, without any reclaim issues. The customer also has the flexibility of running standard sized items that will fit in the cabinet and can be rotated on the turntable, or utilizing the custom door openings for their long cylindrical parts.

Clemco Gun Housing

Clemco Gun Housing

There are several different brands of gun housings, gun bodies, autoguns, etc. We recently converted an older Viking or LS Industries wheel blast machine into a custom air blast cabinet. During this conversion process, we were struggling to get the customer’s item clean enough, using a generic gun housing that we started with. We decided to give the Clemco gun housing a try, to see for ourselves if there was any noticeable difference in performance. Running the Clemco gun housing, head to head against the generic Goff style gun housing, we saw a 27% increase in available suction. In a suction blast situation, more suction means more abrasive being fed to the blast nozzle in the gun housing, with the same amount of air being consumed in the same amount of time. In our experience, the Clemco gun housing maximized the cleaning efficiency of our custom project, providing better cleaning, reduced cycle times, and lower overall costs for our customer.

Camfil Handte EM Profi Top Mount Emulsion Mist Collector

Plan B has a customer that was having issues with a CNC machining center, that was discharging smoke and mist into the plant area around the machine. We sold and installed one of Camfil’s newest units, on top of their existing CNC machine. Since installation, the plant air quality around this particular piece of equipment has been improved dramatically. Like a lot of manufacturing facilities, when these machines are running, they can discharge a lot of mist, smoke, and fumes into the surrounding areas. The results are that you start to see a haze in the plant environment, which reduces visibility, deposits unwanted residue on everything in the surrounding area, and can even pose a health hazard to employees. The Camfil emulsion mist collector that we installed, is always running when the machining center is in use, collects the air pollutants from the machine, and discharges clean, filtered air. It is even designed to let any fluids collected, drain back into the CNC machine sump, or to another collection point determined by the customer. The Camfil Emulsion Mist Collectors are a cost effective, self-contained, and efficient way to improve plant air quality where various mists are being produced.

Goff Style Blast Wheel Assemblies

Plan B can provide brand new, direct drive, Goff style blast wheel assemblies. Whether you’re looking for a replacement for a worn out wheel, or looking to retrofit an older blast wheel assembly, we will build a blast wheel assembly to match your requirements. Our blast wheel assemblies include the base plate, motor, housing, spout, and all internal wheel parts. We can build your assembly with an optional AR steel or manganese housing, clockwise or counter-clockwise rotation, optional end liner configurations, various voltages, and in horse powers ranging from 7.5HP to 50HP. All of our blast wheel assemblies are assembled and test run in-house, prior to mounting on equipment or shipping out to you. If you’re just looking for replacement parts for the older, more common, Goff style blast wheels, we keep many of the blast wheel parts, motors, abrasive valves, and tune-up kits in stock. Contact us today for a quote on a new Goff style blast wheel assembly, or any Goff style blast wheel parts you’re looking for.

Custom Hand Peening Cabinet Made from Zero Air Blast Cabinet

Plan B took an existing Zero Air Blast Cabinet and converted it into a Hand Peening Cabinet. We added an auger, elevator, and air wash to more efficiently reclaim steel shot. A custom frame was built to properly position a Midwestern Screen between the elevator/air wash and a custom built shot storage hopper. The shot storage hopper was added over the top of the pressure pot system so the pot can be reloaded when the operator stops the air peening process. An air blast Magna Valve was added to the bottom of the Clemco Pressure Pot to precisely control the flow of media to the air blast nozzle. Plan B paired the custom machine with a used Empire dust collector, and we designed and built the electrical control panel to control all of the various components of the machine. The Magna Valve was purchased from Electronics Inc., as was the controller for the valve, and Plan B supplied all of the additional air pressure regulators, safeties, and all other needed controls.

Rebuilding a Pangborn for a Coating Plant

We took an older Pangborn, two wheel, skew roll machine and rebuilt it for a coating plant. We found this used abrasive blast machine sitting in a field a couple years ago, and once we tracked down the owner, we purchased it and moved it to our facility.

The custom rebuild included the addition of two new, 30 HP, direct drive, Goff-style blast wheel assemblies, and a custom electronics package. We included variable frequency drives for the blast wheels and conveyor, and a sensor package that automatically shuts off the abrasive to the blast wheels when work is not present. This machine and customization has significantly increased production rates, increased the quality of the blast, and lowered energy and blast media costs.

Our PLC program and variable frequency drives allow the machine to spin up slowly, removing the normal electrical spike that occurs with normal motor start-up, and also automatically shuts the machine down if work is not present for a pre-determined period of time. All of which reduces the customer’s energy consumption, above that of standard electronics packages.

Refurbished Clemco RPH-16L Dust Collector

Plan B brought new life to an older Clemco RPH-16L dust collector. This was a good, reverse pulse, cartridge style dust collector with a ground mount New York blower assembly, but it had seen better days. The bottom part of the legs and feet had rusted off due to a moisture issue at its previous location.

We cleaned up the collector, put new lower legs and foot pads on it, ran through all the pulse valves and controls, replaced the rubber bellows between the collector and the self-dumping hoppers, test ran the blower assembly, and repainted all components of the collector in the more modern Clemco color. New cartridge filters will be added before it heads off to its new owners. This collector is currently available for sale and available for viewing at our downtown Tulsa facility.

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Converting a cargo container into a portable blast room

Plan B was asked to convert a cargo container into a portable blast room for blasting and peening of aerospace parts.

We purchased a special cargo container with double doors in both ends and proceeded to convert it into an air blast room. We started out by adding a steel wall in the back of the container to separate the abrasive reclaim and pressure pot from the blast room, and added Nordfab ductwork and accessory pieces to connect their sweep in reclaim to the Clemco cyclone and pressure pot. We rubber lined the interior walls and doors in the blast area and added multiple, heavy duty LED lights to both the blast area and reclaim section of the container. We cut in make-up air vents in the front doors, added ductwork from the reclaim to the outside of the container, ran all electrical controls and wiring, added the piping and connectors for the Clemco blast pot, and paired the room with a brand new Camfil Farr, GS-6, reverse pulse, cartridge style dust collector for dust removal and abrasive reclaim.

Our customer made some additional modifications and additions onsite, but was highly satisfied with the delivery of the end product.

Converting a Goff Air Blast Table into a Wheel Blast Table

Plan B Services & Solutions took an older Goff 36” Air Blast Table and converted it into a 36” Wheel Blast Table. We had to remove the air blast components and cyclone from the machine, fabricate and attach an elevator hopper assembly, add a new Goff style blast wheel assembly, update the old electrics to a modern PLC controlled electrical panel, and add a customer requested variable frequency drive for controlling the blast wheel.

We also cast lined most of the blast cabinet to add extra wear protection, refurbished a Goff 1850 dust collector to go with this unit, and repainted both pieces. This customized Goff 36” Table Blast machine was also fitted with all new air solenoids, valves, proximity sensors, air lines, an abrasive auger, and motors & gear boxes.

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