Monthly Archive: February 2013

Pangborn 1826 Skew Roll Machine Rebuild

This machine was shipped to us, to be completely rebuilt. We retrofitted it with a new direct drive 40HP blast wheel, repaired any worn areas, replaced all worn liners, added an automatic abrasive adder hopper, replaced all worn bearings and miscellaneous items, updated the electrics, took it down to bare metal, repainted it, and applied […]

Goff 6 Cube Tumble Blast Complete Rebuild

This Goff 6 Cube machine was taken all the way down to the frame, and brought back up to like new condition. New metal where needed, rebuilt blast wheel assy, new retrofit vertical door assy, new auger, new motors and reducers, new bearings, new mill belt, and a new PLC controlled electrical panel. The PLC […]

Medium Voltage Compressor Start up

On site, 3 stage piston compressor, Electric motor driven, 4160 volt, 400amp, 1500hp SCR Soft Start.  As well as switch gear protective relay programming and switch gear testing.

Custom Designed Reclaim Elevator and Auger Trough

For this project, we designed and built an elevator reclaim system for a customer’s existing, air blast machine. The original air reclaim system was not adequately moving the media through the system, so we tied in an auger trough, and mechanical, bucket elevator. Now the customer has the flexibility to run a wide range of […]

Repaired and Rebuilt a Wheelabrator Dust Collector

The dust collector was severely damaged when it caught fire during normal operation. Rather than completely replacing the machine, and fighting with taking it in and out of its current location, the customer hired us to repair the unit. We completely removed and replaced the roof, and cut out and replaced all of the internal […]

Custom Designed Line Stripe Removal Head

This is a custom designed and fabricated, line stripe removal head, and inlay cutting head. We designed this unit to work with a common tractor. It was designed to make the most use of the existing horsepower, maintain constant torque, follow the contours of a road surface, and operate efficiently with a minimum amount of […]

Rebuilt/Refurbished a Wheelabrator Dust Collector

This dust collector had been used previously, and seen better days. We stripped it down to bare metal, repaired any structural deficiencies, and rebuilt it back to like new condition. We repaired or replaced all valves, controls, filters, supports, and disconnects. Our customer was provided an excellent machine for their dust collection requirements, at a […]