Custom Air Shot Peening Cabinet

Plan B was approached by a distributor and asked if we could produce a custom air shot peening cabinet for a large military installation. Some of the challenges we were faced with were:

•produce a unit that was under 10’ tall

•keep the total footprint as small as possible

•allow for two blast nozzles to operate at the same time

•include high/low pressure alarms for the main airlines

•include a Midwestern screener with the package

•provide a variable speed turntable with the cabinet

•allow for either or both nozzles to be run at one time while independently tracking operating hours for each nozzle.

We were very pleased with the end result, and anticipate producing many more of these cabinets for our distributors. The customer provided the 3 Arm fixture and Plan B developed a dual nozzle holder for the fixture. Other than the 3 Arm, Plan B designed this custom air peening cabinet from the ground up. The cabinet was paired with a Dura-Blast Six 16 dust collector, at 800 cfm.