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Rockwell American Leaf Spring Peener

Rockwell American Spring Manufacturing approached Plan B about designing and building a shot peening machine for leaf springs. They had an existing, older BCP machine that was showing a lot of wear and was in need of some repair and upgrades, but they needed a new machine before taking the old one offline. Plan B designed a machine for them that integrated their existing conveyor system, so they could use the same “fixtures” on both machines, and the rest of the machine was a Plan B original design. Plan B’s combination of price, safety, technology, and functionality, gave us the competitive advantage. Rockwell has been able to take their existing shot peening machine offline, and perform some much needed repairs. The relationship has also grown to the point that Plan B has been able to provide additional parts to Rockwell, and we are looking at the possibility of providing more parts in the future, resulting in an increased savings for our customer.