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Dust Collection DuctworkThe team at Plan B Tulsa are experts in ductwork for facilities that need to collect dust and other particulates. Plan B is an authorized distributor for Nordfab, a leading ductwork manufacturer. Ductwork is an important piece of safety for abrasive blasting and dust control. A specialist at Plan B will visit your facility to design and build a ductwork system, or modify and improve an existing system.

Nordfab is a popular duct work product because it is easy to work with. Their QuickFit line makes it easy to replace to disassemble parts of the duct work without the need to take apart the entire system. Clamps and flexibility of the pieces are forgiving when there are imperfections. For larger or high volume systems their XD line can handle heavy duty applications that require flange or stainless steel ductwork.

For a complete list of available equipment download the Nordfab Product Catalogs.

Nordfab QuickFit Product Catalog

Nordfab XD Product Catalog

Why is the right ductwork so important?

System Effectiveness & Safety – When ductwork is done poorly it can fail move enough air to be effective at all. This causes a build up of particulates that can be very dangerous.

System Efficiency – Poorly fitted ductwork can cause connected machines and fans to work harder than they should.

Blow Outs – Whether there is poor design, or improper use of materials the repeated wear and tear of dust can actually put a whole through a corner or other weak spot in the ductwork.

Aesthetics – A good design can keep ductwork out of the way, use less ductwork, and overall just look a lot better than a poorly designed and assembled system.


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