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Shot Peening Machine

Shot Peening Machine

Plan B Solutions designs and builds shot peening machines for a variety of parts and applications.  Working with Plan B starts with an initial call to gather important information about the machine.

  • The type of part, the type of metal, a description of the part, and its initial condition
  • The application (cleaning or preparation)
  • The desired condition of the finished part
  • Required shot velocity
  • What type of media will be used
  • Voltage requirements or limitations
  • A description of the current process, or information on the old machine in use.
  • Any size limitations for the machine
  • Desired production rate

With these specs in mind, Plan B can find equipment to fulfill the project requirements.  As experienced designers and builders, Plan B can provide specialized or customized equipment to make the peening process as efficient as possible. Depending on the project, new or used equipment is purchased and modified to meet the specs for the project.

  • Blast cabinet modifications
  • Electronics modifications
  • PLC Programming
  • Touch screen or other input customizations (HMI)
  • Adding magna valves, mid western screens and variable frequency drives.

All machines are thoroughly tested prior to delivery, including a drop test, cycle test, and making sure the machine can function at the required RPM’s. Our machines consistently pass NADCAP audits.

A good example of this process is shown in this recent project, where a Goff Spinner Hanger is converted into a shot peening machine for aircraft parts.

Plan B provides custom shot peening machines that are easy to use and produce consistent and repeatable results. The right peening machine will save time on set-up, reduce run time, and help meet the strict part requirements set by the OEM’s and Nadcap.  Furthermore, our machines are built to handle a variety of different parts and specs for your company’s current and future needs.

To inquire about new and used shot peening machines call 918-409-3319 or use our contact page.

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