Goff 2460 Foundry Duty Spinner Hanger Custom Rebuild

We have been very busy at Plan B repairing and rebuilding machines. Recently we took on another Goff 2460 Foundry Duty Spinner Hanger and completed a custom rebuild of the machine. The completed project can be seen below. We turned the Goff Spinner Hanger into a shot peener which will be used for aircraft parts. The aerospace industry uses shot peening to strengthen the parts used in aircraft. On this project we added a programmable touch screen control, variable frequency drives for the blast wheels, a drive for the blast chamber, a drive for the spinner hangers, Magna-Valves by Electronics Inc., and a Midwestern Screen for screening the abrasive. We had to extend the elevator and hopper height to accommodate the Magna-Valves. The project took about 12 weeks to complete.