MagnaValves® precisely control the flow of shot by applying power to magnets. By using magnets, these valves have no moving parts which means low-maintenance operation.  Precise shot flow control is required for certified shot peening of various parts, especially aerospace parts. MagnaValves® are an integral part of any NADCAP approved peening operation. Plan B Services & Solutions sells MagnaValves® for use on shot peening machines and other applications.

VLP-24 MagnaValve

VLP-24 MagnaValve

Wheel Peening MagnaValves®

There are a variety of valve options for wheel blast applications. The VLP 24 is one we commonly use.

  • Flow rate range of 200 – 1000 lb/min (91 – 453 kg/min)
  • Media flow control for wheels up to 25 Hp (19 kw)
  • Regulates flow of steel shot and grit
  • Easy retrofit installation
  • Normally closed
24 VDC Series MagnaValve

24 VDC Series MagnaValve

Air Peening MagnaValves®

There are also several valve options for air peening.  The 24 VDC Series is the one we use on most projects.

  • ±5% full-scale accuracy
  • Flows steel shot and grit
  • Suitable for shot peening and blast cleaning applications
  • Normally closed

To inquire about available MagnaValves® call 918-409-3319 or use the contact page.