Industrial Electrical Specialist

Our industrial electrical specialist Ted Zerbey has worked on hundreds of complex industrial electrical problems.  He started by programming his first Modicon PLC at Wonder Bread in the mid 80’s.  Here are other examples of the type of complex industrial electrical work he has completed.

Previous Experience

  • Wired offshore 50 MVA, 13.2 KV natural gas powered turbine generators with undersea cables to substations located on nearby platforms.
  • Rewired all platforms in Blocks H, I & L from substation & power distribution to navigational aid lighting  (50+ platforms, ranging from permanent living quarters for 30, to unmanned platforms with only production & fire pumps & Nav-Aid Lighting on others).
  • The three tallest buildings in Tulsa have VFD systems supplied by Ted, controlling heating, cooling air & pumps.
  • Designed and oversaw installation of Power Factor Correction equipment up to 24 MVAR.  Customer was running a .82 average & being financially penalized for everything below .95 level.  Per the power company’s metering the lowest they have run since installation is .9908 (unity or perfect is 1.0).
  • Designed control systems that have been approved by NADCAP & currently in production for both Boeing & Sikorsky.


  • Authorized Phasetronic / Motortronic MVSS repair & start up tech for this region.  They build 90% of the world’s soft starts & are used by ABB, GE, Siemens, Eaton, Square D & most other known electric switchgear manufactures.
  • First reference for GE / Fanuc PLC as well as Siemens, troubleshooting by the respective regional reps.

Industrial Electrical Services

  • Power Factor Correction
  • Controls Automation
  • Hipot Testing
  • GE Fanuc and Siemens PLC Programming
  • Power Quality (P/Q) Analysis
  • Electrical Harmonics Troubleshooting
  • Variable Speed Drives (Motor Control)
  • Industrial Electrical Panel Design and Building

Industrial Electric Motor Troubleshooting

Large electric motors are very expensive to replace, and your standard industrial electrician does not have experience troubleshooting these types of motors.  Here are a few examples of electrical motor repairs & troubleshooting.

  • Oil Pipeline Pumps
  • Wave Generator Motors
  • Abrasive Blasting Machines

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