Goff Style Shot Blast Parts

Goff style Tune-Up Kit 0144502-7

Goff style Tune-Up Kit 0144502-7

Along with selling used and refurbished Goff shot blast machines, Plan B Solutions offers quality replacement parts. Our superior Goff style shot blast parts are made in America.

We have Goff shot blast parts such as:

  • New blast wheel assemblies
  • Blade sets
  • Centering plates
  • Impellers
  • All blast wheel liners
  • And more…

Our team has been an industry leader in servicing and selling shot blast equipment for many years. We bring that knowledge to everything we do, including selling replacement parts for shot blasting equipment. If you are in need of replacement parts, we have many in stock and can source most other parts through our network.

To inquire about Goff style shot blast parts call 918-409-3319 or use our contact page.

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