Goff Style Shot Blast Machines and Dust Collectors
Sales, Service and Maintenance

New, Rebuilt and Used Goff Shot Blast Machines

Plan B Solutions sells and services used and refurbished Goff style shot blast machines of all types.

  • Barrel blast
  • Tumble blast
  • Table blast
  • Air blast
  • Portable
  • Spinner hanger
  • Wire mesh
  • Roll conveyor
  • Skew roll conveyor

Goff style parts and dust collectors are also available. Goff shot blast machines are used in abrasive blasting for all types of jobs including steel shot, grit, or other type of abrasive media blasting. These machines can used for metal cleaning, removing paint, rust removal, cleaning of die, steel, iron, and investment castings, surface preparation for paint or coating, parts manufacture, and shot peening.

To inquire about used Goff shot blast machines call 918-409-3319 or use our contact page.