Dust Collector Maintenance and Repair

Dust collectors are essential parts of numerous production operations. If your collector isn’t working properly, your production typically suffers. Plan B has countless years of experience in trouble shooting and repairing dust collector problems. We offer top quality replacement cartridges and bags for almost any brand or model of dust collector, and we can do the replacement or just sell you the filters. Besides dust collector filters, we can repair or replace the pulse valves and timer boards, do structural repairs if needed, and offer new and used collectors if you feel yours isn’t worth repairing.

Frank and Ted Dust Collector Job

  • Dust Collector Filters
  • Trouble Shooting and Repairs
  • On and Off Site Repairs
  • We Buy and Sell Used Machines

We can install variable frequency drives to reduce your electrical costs, evaluate your current system and offer recommendations, and make your collector work like it used to. Most dust collector issues can be diagnosed and repaired, so if you’re in need of some dust collector repairs, give us a call today.

To inquire about dust collector repair call 918-409-3319 or use the contact page.