Dura-Blast 3BB Wheel Blast Machine

Dura-Blast 3BB Wheel Blast Machine

A superior blast wheel drives this portable, dependable unit.

Precision blast wheel

Designed by shot-blasting experts, the Dura-Blast blast wheel is a direct drive, seven-blade, properly balanced wheel with cast-alloy parts–with optional variable speed drive. ¼” steel, AR steel, and manganese steel are housing options for the blast wheel.


The outer cabinet is constructed with fork truck pockets for ease of placement. Also for convenience, the cabinet mill is constructed with replaceable cast barrel heads and segments.

Abrasive recovery system

One of the highlights of the 3BB Wheel Blast is its abrasive recovery system, which includes abrasive air wash followed by transport into the shot storage hopper above the blast wheel. The elevator belt (single v-belt for 3BB) is adjustable to prevent slipping over time.

Operator Safety

Standard safety measures are in place. The blast wheel will not operate unless the door is closed.

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About Dura-Blast Machines

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Dura-Blast Blast Wheel

  • Wheel: 3600 RPM, 12”/13.5”/15”, Direct Drive, 7 Blade, cast alloy cage, impeller, and liners, optional variable speed drive. Blades: Long life, cast alloy, matched by weight for proper wheel balance.
  • Blast Wheel Housing: Available in 1⁄4” mild steel, AR steel, or manganese steel.

Cabinet Construction

  • Outer Cabinet: AR36 construction, fork truck pockets for easy placement.
  • Cabinet Lining: Replaceable cast barrel heads and segments, AR500 mill liners and roof.
  • Mill: Continuous rubber mill belt with tumbling ridges and drain holes sized for your abrasive.
  • Mill Drive: Chain driven.
  • Work Loading Height: 39”.
  • Working Dimensions: 31” between barrel heads, and 24” diameter, for a 3 cubic foot mill capacity. Mill Door: Standard vertical air lift door with easily replaceable door liner.

Power & Air Requirements

  • Control Panel: Nema 12 electrical enclosure, optional voltages available, 3 phase, Touch Screen/ PLC controlled, standard automated cycle, digital cycle timer, audible alarm, heavy duty push buttons, ammeter, and overload protection.
  • Required Air: 80-100 PSI to operate door, abrasive valve, and dust collector pulse cleaning cycle.
  • Electric Motors: 10HP blast wheel motor, 1HP mill drive motor, 1HP elevator motor, and 2HP dust collector motor.

Abrasive Cleaning & Recovery System

  • Elevator and Air Wash: Single V-belt system that carries the abrasive to an adjustable separator where 100% of the abrasive is air washed. Cleaned abrasive is then deposited into the abrasive storage hopper for feeding of the blast wheel. An easy access screen is in place to help keep larger, foreign items from damaging the blast wheel components. Elevator belt is adjustable to prevent the belt from slipping as it wears.
  • Abrasive Flow: Manually adjustable, butterfly type abrasive valve for setting blast wheel amperage and controlling abrasive flow. Optional Magna-Valve available for automatic adjustment with different abrasives or Shot Peening use.
  • Abrasives: Most standard shot or grit type abrasives can be used, and the initial abrasive charge is 300 lbs.
  • Dust Collector: Adjustable reverse pulse, 6 cartridge collector, standard Magnehelic gauge, with options available.

Standard Operating & Safety Information

  • Safety: Blast wheel will not operate if mill door is not closed. Standard guards, covers, warning labels, and electrical protections in place.
  • Noise: Approximately 80 DB if properly maintained and in good functioning condition.
  • Shipping Information: Approximately 3600 lbs., ships in one piece on a double-drop trailer, and overall footprint is 5’4” wide x 5’9” deep x 10’5” tall.
  • x 5’9” deep x 10’5” tall.

Additional options available so please discuss with your sales representative.

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