Dust Control Booths

Dust control boots are an option for projects that are too large for downdraft tables. At Plan B, we can create a dust-control booth that works with your current dust collection system. Plan B is proud to be an approved supplier of Denray Dust control booths which work well for creating dust control solutions for our clients.

Dust Collection Booth

4872MB: A User-Friendly Option with Room to Grow

Denray’s 4872MB, also called the Mini Booth, provides a solution for large-scale projects. Contractors use Mini Booths when they are working with large parts, such as those that need to be transported on carts. One key advantage to the Mini Booth is that it is user-friendly and versatile. While the standard size is 72″, one or two 12″ panels can be added, resulting in a work area that is 7-8 feet wide. The panels can also increase the depth of the booth from the standard 36″ with 24″ sides. Find more information about how to expand the dust control booth.

Filter Specifications

The standard and Grind Mini Booths have an 80/20 filter media made of 100% polyester spun-bond filters. The filters operate at 99.95% efficiency at 0.5 micron. The Jet Pulse Automatic Cleaning System uses compressed air for cleaning. The Grind model features a spark baffle, which contains a steel mesh filter that forms a barrier against heavy sparks that can travel into the cartridge filter. This increases the filters’ durability.

Even More Features

Other features of the Denray Dust Control Mini Booth include:

  • Light Bars available
  • HEPA Filter Banks
  • Carbon Filter Banks (odor control)
  • All Mini Booths come standard with a muffler

For best dust capture, work should be done with available side panels.

The 86120: A Dust Booth for a Robust Project

Denray’s 85120 model features a 7.5 HP motor that creates a CFM of 10,000 to widths below 14′. For widths greater than 14′, you will need multiple power units. If you have a project that is too large for a downdraft table, such as a conveyor system, dust booths are a great alternative. Denray’s dust booth works by introducing air through the filters from the top. This helps keep the dust from getting sucked back into the filter when the cleaning pulse blows dirt away.

Denray’s products are not limited to dust applications, but can also be customized for grinding/metal applications. We can build a custom booth to maximize efficiency for your job site.

Additional Information

There is additional information you should know before working with a Denray dust booth:

  • Since work area sizes differ greatly, we specialize in tailoring booths to suit your needs
  • If you need a booth deeper than 10′, other sizes are available
  • We can alter the height of the booths
  • Light bars are available
  • Downdraft floors can be integrated
  • HEPA filter banks and carbon filter banks are available
  • A 10 HP Motor with a VFD would produce 12,000 CFM

To learn more about our dust control booths call 918-409-3319 or use our contact page.