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Our Blasting Machines


1.5 Cube Air Blast Machine

Top-notch durability meets versatility in this reliable tumble blast machine. Clemco #6 wide-spray nozzles with Clemco #5 air jets are designed to be adjusted (height and position) or replaced while maintaining top performance. The standard cyclone-style reclaimer can be modified to accommodate most air-blast type media, and is paired with a 6 cartridge, reverse-pulse dust collector. Read More »

3BB Wheel Blast Machine

Designed by shot-blasting experts, the Dura-Blast blast wheel is a properly balanced, direct drive, seven-blade wheel, utilizing cast-alloy replacement parts. The blast wheel can be controlled with an optional variable speed drive. The durability and functionality of this tumble blasting machine is complemented by it’s portability, as the outer cabinet is constructed with fork truck pockets for ease of placement. Read More »

6BB Wheel Blast Machine

Neither portability nor customization are sacrificed in this higher-capacity wheel blast unit. The 6BB Wheel Blast has the same foundational characteristics and build out as the 3BB with some key changes to increase its capacity. The abrasive recovery system is enhanced to match the increased horsepower and media flow, the 6BB has a double v-belt system for the abrasive cleaning and recovery system.  Read More »

48″ Table Blast Machine

Designed by shot-blast specialists, the Table Blast is designed to simplify and cater to operator needs, while being one of the heaviest standard table blast machines on the market. Dura-Blast’s precision blast wheel ensures shot blasting or peening consistency and efficiency with a standard 15HP motor or optional two 10HP motor set-up. Besides wheel components and liners being cast-alloy, the cabinet can be fully cast-lined for superior wear resistance.  Read More »

2460 Spinner Hanger Blast Machine

Best-in-class compatibility and consistency with straightforward operation and functionality.
Durability is in the details, as this machine has two fully cast-lined Mangalloy blast chambers and a pitless design. Whether you need shot blasting or peening, this unit has a combination of quality components and design to fit your specific application. The 2460 utilizes a flat belt system for abrasive cleaning and recovery, resulting in 100% abrasive air washing and return to the media storage hopper. Additional standard safety features include a “bump” strip on the front left of the cabinet for auto-stop of chamber rotation.  Read More »

Dust Collection Machines for Shot Blasting


Six-16 Dust Collector

High efficiency and velocity reverse pulse dust collector optimized for small footprint, safety, and simple operation. Beyond 99.99% filter efficiency (0.5 microns and larger, by weight), this dust collector can be weatherproofed, and is considered portable, with lifting eyes integrated into the collector body and a forklift moveable base.  Read More »

Ten-32 Dust Collector

Spatial efficiency and functionality meet increased air volume in this machine with a step-up in power and capacity. The Ten-32 Dust Collector is based on the Six-16 but is larger and more powerful with more volume (1,500 through 3,000 CFM available). Along with greater volume, velocity remains between 4,000 and 4,500 FPM. Standard features and options are built in with the same attention to detail as in the Six-16 model.  Read More »

From decades of experience repairing and rebuilding shot blast equipment we have developed our own brand. We know first-hand the importance of durable shot blasting equipment that can be custom-fitted for specific needs and have prioritized these features for each of our models.

Besides invaluable knowledge of the abrasive blast industry, we have countless years of experience in mechanical and electrical engineering. This allows us to get the most out of what equipment may already be in a machine and build new machines or components correctly the first time.

We build in-house from the ground up and are happy to discuss custom-builds.

We’ve made it our goal to instill industry-wide, long-term confidence in our name. Trust Dura-Blast with your abrasive shot blast equipment needs.

Built to last, Dura-Blast.

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