Converting a Goff Air Blast Table into a Wheel Blast Table

Plan B Services & Solutions took an older Goff 36” Air Blast Table and converted it into a 36” Wheel Blast Table. We had to remove the air blast components and cyclone from the machine, fabricate and attach an elevator hopper assembly, add a new Goff style blast wheel assembly, update the old electrics to a modern PLC controlled electrical panel, and add a customer requested variable frequency drive for controlling the blast wheel.

We also cast lined most of the blast cabinet to add extra wear protection, refurbished a Goff 1850 dust collector to go with this unit, and repainted both pieces. This customized Goff 36” Table Blast machine was also fitted with all new air solenoids, valves, proximity sensors, air lines, an abrasive auger, and motors & gear boxes.

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