Types of Shot Blasting Equipment

Shot blasting is a technique that involves blasting a surface with small steel balls at a high velocity. This abrasive blasting technique removes contamination and reveals a fresh surface. For projects of all sizes, abrasive blasting professionals rely on efficient shot blasting equipment. Most shot blasting equipment uses a number of turbine wheels to project the abrasive materials.

Gibson 84 Table Blast

Gibson 84 Table Blast

There are two main types of shot blast equipment. Stationary equipment is used for cleaning parts and other materials that can be easily moved to a shot blast machine. Although Plan B occasionally works with portable equipment, our specialty is in stationary shot blast equipment.

For cleaning structural parts, a larger stationary machine is needed. Here’s a sampling of some of the more common pieces of stationary equipment we service.

  • Tumble Blast Machines: These durable machines are used for batch processing and are often used for blasting automotive parts, heat-treated parts, and forgings.
  • Table Blast Machines: A table blast machine is fully integrated and designed to clean larger structural pieces.
  • Spinner Hanger Machines: These machines clean parts that hang from an overhead conveyer. This is often used when the parts are too large to be tumbled.
Goff 2460 Spinner Hanger Custom Rebuild

Goff 2460 Spinner Hanger Custom Rebuild

Of course, shot blasting does create dust and pollute the air, which is a hazard to those working around a machine. Dust collection equipment filters out most of the dust created by these shot blasting machines, lessening the effects of air pollution.

Whether you work with wood, plastic, concrete, or metal, a dust collection system is important for any workshop area.

Take a look at our shot blast equipment.

Portable shot blasting equipment is used for jobs ranging from smaller concrete floor repairs to full on bridge shot blasting. Some portable shot blasting equipment includes:

  • Walk-behind shot blast machine
  • Ride-on shot blast machine
  • Vertical shot blasting machine

For many surface jobs, a portable diamond grinding machine can grind down the surface and smooth out concrete.