Rebuilding a Pangborn for a Coating Plant

We took an older Pangborn, two wheel, skew roll machine and rebuilt it for a coating plant. We found this used abrasive blast machine sitting in a field a couple years ago, and once we tracked down the owner, we purchased it and moved it to our facility.

The custom rebuild included the addition of two new, 30 HP, direct drive, Goff-style blast wheel assemblies, and a custom electronics package. We included variable frequency drives for the blast wheels and conveyor, and a sensor package that automatically shuts off the abrasive to the blast wheels when work is not present. This machine and customization has significantly increased production rates, increased the quality of the blast, and lowered energy and blast media costs.

Our PLC program and variable frequency drives allow the machine to spin up slowly, removing the normal electrical spike that occurs with normal motor start-up, and also automatically shuts the machine down if work is not present for a pre-determined period of time. All of which reduces the customer’s energy consumption, above that of standard electronics packages.