Converting a cargo container into a portable blast room

Plan B was asked to convert a cargo container into a portable blast room for blasting and peening of aerospace parts.

We purchased a special cargo container with double doors in both ends and proceeded to convert it into an air blast room. We started out by adding a steel wall in the back of the container to separate the abrasive reclaim and pressure pot from the blast room, and added Nordfab ductwork and accessory pieces to connect their sweep in reclaim to the Clemco cyclone and pressure pot. We rubber lined the interior walls and doors in the blast area and added multiple, heavy duty LED lights to both the blast area and reclaim section of the container. We cut in make-up air vents in the front doors, added ductwork from the reclaim to the outside of the container, ran all electrical controls and wiring, added the piping and connectors for the Clemco blast pot, and paired the room with a brand new Camfil Farr, GS-6, reverse pulse, cartridge style dust collector for dust removal and abrasive reclaim.

Our customer made some additional modifications and additions onsite, but was highly satisfied with the delivery of the end product.