Goff Style Blast Wheel Assemblies

Plan B can provide brand new, direct drive, Goff style blast wheel assemblies. Whether you’re looking for a replacement for a worn out wheel, or looking to retrofit an older blast wheel assembly, we will build a blast wheel assembly to match your requirements. Our blast wheel assemblies include the base plate, motor, housing, spout, and all internal wheel parts. We can build your assembly with an optional AR steel or manganese housing, clockwise or counter-clockwise rotation, optional end liner configurations, various voltages, and in horse powers ranging from 7.5HP to 50HP. All of our blast wheel assemblies are assembled and test run in-house, prior to mounting on equipment or shipping out to you. If you’re just looking for replacement parts for the older, more common, Goff style blast wheels, we keep many of the blast wheel parts, motors, abrasive valves, and tune-up kits in stock. Contact us today for a quote on a new Goff style blast wheel assembly, or any Goff style blast wheel parts you’re looking for.