Custom Hand Peening Cabinet Made from Zero Air Blast Cabinet

Plan B took an existing Zero Air Blast Cabinet and converted it into a Hand Peening Cabinet. We added an auger, elevator, and air wash to more efficiently reclaim steel shot. A custom frame was built to properly position a Midwestern Screen between the elevator/air wash and a custom built shot storage hopper. The shot storage hopper was added over the top of the pressure pot system so the pot can be reloaded when the operator stops the air peening process. An air blast Magna Valve was added to the bottom of the Clemco Pressure Pot to precisely control the flow of media to the air blast nozzle. Plan B paired the custom machine with a used Empire dust collector, and we designed and built the electrical control panel to control all of the various components of the machine. The Magna Valve was purchased from Electronics Inc., as was the controller for the valve, and Plan B supplied all of the additional air pressure regulators, safeties, and all other needed controls.