Camfil Handte EM Profi Top Mount Emulsion Mist Collector

Plan B has a customer that was having issues with a CNC machining center, that was discharging smoke and mist into the plant area around the machine. We sold and installed one of Camfil’s newest units, on top of their existing CNC machine. Since installation, the plant air quality around this particular piece of equipment has been improved dramatically. Like a lot of manufacturing facilities, when these machines are running, they can discharge a lot of mist, smoke, and fumes into the surrounding areas. The results are that you start to see a haze in the plant environment, which reduces visibility, deposits unwanted residue on everything in the surrounding area, and can even pose a health hazard to employees. The Camfil emulsion mist collector that we installed, is always running when the machining center is in use, collects the air pollutants from the machine, and discharges clean, filtered air. It is even designed to let any fluids collected, drain back into the CNC machine sump, or to another collection point determined by the customer. The Camfil Emulsion Mist Collectors are a cost effective, self-contained, and efficient way to improve plant air quality where various mists are being produced.