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  • Clemco BNP 65 Pressure Blast Cabinet

    Plan B was tasked with coming up for a solution for air blasting, long cylindrical shaped pieces, through a pressure blast hand cabinet. The existing machine was worn out and wasn’t easy to operate because it had to be elevated to accommodate a small pressure pot under the blast cabinet. The customer uses a large steel grit, so the cabinet slope had to be fairly steep, and a pneumatic air reclaim is not typically powerful enough to reclaim larger steel grit or shot. Our solution was to incorporate a mechanical auger and bucket elevator system, with a new Clemco BNP 65 Pressure Cabinet, without the 900 CFM Cyclone Reclaimer. We ordered the cabinet with the Clemco rubber curtain liner package, a 500 pound capacity 20” diameter turntable, and a storage hopper that sits on top of the pressure pot and collects the air-washed steel grit from the bucket elevator. We paired the unit with a used, refurbished Clemco RPC-2, reverse pulse, two cartridge dust collector. Our Plan B bucket elevator is built with a standard 4” take-off for the air-wash that cleans the abrasive, and a 4” take-off for pulling dust out of the cabinet, auger trough, and elevator shaft. We also added two custom fabricated vestibule doors, with replaceable curtains, so the customer can pass their longer items through the cabinet, while the iris seals and curtains help keep the steel grit from bouncing out of the blast cabinet. This design eliminates the need for a platform that the operator has to step up on, reducing the chances of an accidental fall, and ensures that the customer can run a variety of larger, heavier medias through this cabinet, without any reclaim issues. The customer also has the flexibility of running standard sized items that will fit in the cabinet and can be rotated on the turntable, or utilizing the custom door openings for their long cylindrical parts.

    To inquire about available new, used and custom shot blasting machines call 918-409-3319 or use the contact page.