Tumble Blast or Barrel Blast Machines New, Used, Repairs & Service

Goff 6 Cube Rebuild

Tumble blast machines can be used for various sizes of parts. These machines are made to run multiple parts, or “batches” of parts, for a fast and efficient process. Larger tumble blast machines can handle 1000’s of pounds or over 34 cubic feet, but the more common sizes range between 3 to 15 cubic feet. These machines are usually setup with blast wheels, but some smaller models can be air blast machines. Tumble blast machines are also called barrel blast machines, so you see the names 3BB, 6BB, 12BB, etc., which stands for barrel blast.


Plan B sells new and used tumble blast machines and can also rebuild or refurbish existing machines. Common manufacturers include Gibson, Goff, Wheelabrator, and Pangborn


See an example of a recent tumble blast project.

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